Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Weekend in Roanoke

So I'm in Roanoke for a whole weekend for the first time since Christmas. Yes, I was here for the high school reunion back in June, but that was a total of one night. I wasn't even in this town for a full 24 hours. Doesn't really count.

Let me start off by sending a message out to all the people who managed to get their cars in front of mine between Durham, NC and Burnt Chimney, VA. That thing under your right foot? You know, that pedal looking thing? That's what we call the gas pedal. Some may also refer to it as an "accelerator." Many of you may not be aware, but it actually has a function. When you press it down with your foot, you make your car go faster. It's not just there for decoration. Use it. Live it.

I feel better now. Seriously, it's like everyone wanted to do 5-10mph under the speed limit. That's just obnoxious. And each time I would get to a place where I could pass someone, I'd do so. Then a couple miles down the road, another driver riding his/her brake. Arrgh.

I was supposed to be in Roanoke by 5pm. However, due to the traffic, I didn't actually arrive until 5:15. Why was I on a deadline? I'm glad you asked. Aaron had a blind date.

(Cue suspense music.)

To be continued...

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  1. nice...what's his name?

    oooooooohhhhh snap!!

    see what i did there? did ya see? i asked what his name was implying that your blind date was with a dude.

    i am so very clever....