Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trip to Charlotte, Postponed

I'm working today. And I have a massive headache. Typical.

I was supposed to drive down to Charlotte to hang out with Andy this holiday weekend, but with a migraine, a three hour drive might not be a great idea.

Here's what I won't get to do since I'm not taking the trip. I won't be hanging out with Andy, who will now have to spend the weekend alone since his wife is out of town. I won't be able to use his computer to edit that fabled Los Angeles video I spoke of so many weeks ago. I won't be heading back to Wake Forest on Monday with Andy tagging along.

See, he was going to meet Chrissy in Greensboro. And road trips with friends are always fun. I don't think I've been on a long car ride with Andy in about five years. Good times.

Instead I'll be here. I'll drug myself until I'm no longer conscious of a headache of any kind. Once the effects of these pain killers have worn off, I'll be doing the responsible thing by studying when I could be hanging out with my friend. I'll probably watch some of the MDA telethon and make comments about that on here.

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