Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sweep the Leg

A few days ago when I was working... well, taking my lunch break... I went to the break room and turned on the lousy little TV set we've got. I caught the end of a show called Jury Duty. If you've never seen it, it's a show that mixes the cheesy courtroom shows (i.e. Judge Judy, The People's Court, etc.) with D-list celebrities. Imagine my surprise when one of the jurors was Sensei John Kreese of Karate Kid fame.

What happens to your career when you go from being the master of the Cobra Kai dojo in the three real Karate Kid movies to being a nobody who presides over a small claims case between a couple of inbred morons? I just think it's sad. In honor of Sensei John Kreese's fall from grace, I present him at the height of his illustrious career.

And just because I like it, here's the final battle from part 2. Notice that Daniel tries to use the "crane" kick like he did in the tournament.

Notice also that Chozen blocks the "crane" kick. He's probably been blocking that move since he was three. Daniel, you're in freakin' Okanawa. You have got to step up your game! Also, it's great how Daniel's losing the fight until everyone in the village starts twirling the drums. It's amazing how a little percussion can empower someone to hang on to that second wind and suddenly defeat your more talented enemy. Maybe that's why some snakes have rattles on their tails. They start shaking that thing and then they can take on the world. That jackrabbit never stood a chance!

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