Sunday, August 10, 2008

Repeating Myself

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again. I love getting comments from people. I really do. That's something I don't mind repeating, because there are times when I don't feel like I get enough comments. I'm not saying I deserve all this attention and comments. It's just that maybe there's a small sense of vindication for me. Maybe it just lets me know that people are actually reading this thing.

One thing I don't like repeating myself on is when it comes to anonymous commenters. I refer you back to the blog entry titled Request. I refer specifically to the final lines of that post where I asked that people continue reading my blog and continue commenting, but to be themselves. Own up to what you have to say. If you can't be yourself when you have something to say, then don't say it. Really it just tells me that you may be ashamed of what you have to say, and that maybe I shouldn't approve your comment.

Tonight I received two anonymous comments with no signatures. I approved both of these comments, as I have with every other comment I've received in the past. And even though this is the first time I've received a completely anonymous comment since the last time I requested no more anonymous comments, it still just rubs me the wrong way. Especially when the comments come across as kind of judgmental. So again, I introduce a new policy. I will continue to approve even the anonymous comments. But to you who wish to remain anonymous, if you happen to rub me the wrong way in your comment, prepare to reap the whirlwind. I will respond. And I might just hurt your feelings. And if you are not man or woman enough to be straightforward with your identity, then you'll just have to deal with your hurt feelings. This is my blog. This is where I can speak freely about whatever I want. That includes anonymous people.

Tonight I respond to your anonymous comments from blogposts Bank Teller XXV and Magic Eye. For those of you just joining us, feel free to check out those blogs to see the original posts and the following comments.

In the Bank Teller blog, my anonymous friend informed me that the customer is always right. First of all, that's a load of crap. If you've ever worked in customer service or retail, you know that the customer is not always right. In fact, it's been my experience that the customer is rarely right. But you also know, if you've worked in that profession, that you must act as if the customer is right. As if the customer is flawless. This means that you, as the customer service representative, must be prepared to look like an idiot at any given moment. In an update to that story, I apologized to the woman that I was somewhat rude to on that particular day. Again, I wasn't sorry for what I had said, just for the tone I used.

In the Magic Eye blog, Mr/Ms anonymous was kind enough to let me know that the movie that I referenced (Mallrats) was full of sin. They went on to include an extreme amount of exclamation points. Uh, first of all, I know that Mallrats is full of sin. I'm pretty sure I wasn't giving the film a glowing recommendation. As a matter of fact, I told the general public to keep your kids away from it, and that I had no idea it was as foul as it is. I did mention that the only time I've seen it prior to this viewing was on Comedy Central which included massive edits for television. And may I ask, how different is the sin represented in this movie different from the vast majority of the movies and TV we constantly see out there? How is it different from the sin in our own lives?

Now, I don't think I was particularly mean in my response to your anonymous comments. However, if you happened to take offense to anything I said, deal with it. Just know that anytime you leave your anonymous comments and I'm not entirely pleased with them or I feel as if you are judging me in any way, I will return the favor. Carp dime!


  1. Good for you responding to the comments. I too am tired of those who will not stand behind what it is they have to say. Why is it we feel we must hide??? To me, I think we are dealing with the kind of person who will speak kindly to your face but the moment your back is turned, watch out for the knife.

    Just my personal opinion....

  2. Well, since I don't know who it is, I'm not sure if it's someone being nice to my face. It could be someone I don't know at all. If they would just reveal themselves, it would make all of this much more pleasent. Could very well be someone who just doesn't like me. Though I can't imagine why. I'm very likable.

  3. well, just to let you know i am EXTREMELY don't mention me nearly enough in your "blog."

    i thought you knew the Hamiltons well enough to realize that we crave attention. and buddy, i am STARVING for some attention.

    anyway, that one anonymous poster is correct...the customer IS always right. until you set them straight and punch them in the trachea.

    stupid customers......

  4. I'm totally going with the whole, "someone who just doesn't like me" bit because truly you are not that likeable although you seem to think differently. HA HA

    Or maybe.......

    Maybe the comments are totally coming from Ryan. Could be his way of letting you know he's not getting enough attention on your blog.
    Hmmmmmm...gotta wonder....

  5. To the Hamilton residing in an undisclosed location in Europe:

    I put a link to your blog at the side of mine and have yet to experience you returning the favor. I mean, both of your sisters have given me link status. Jen even came up with a clever name for it. You do that, then we'll open a discussion on the sort of attention you deserve.

  6. Walking Beside HimAugust 13, 2008 at 11:13 AM

    Dear Aaron,

    Although I was not a contributor to the original posting involving your customer dispute, I would like to add my '2 cents' if that's okay. Having been in business for almost 25 years (10 of those being my own business), I do believe the customer is always right, even if they are wrong. Certainly without the customer, we would have no business.

    Also, with respect to the comment involving "punching the customer in the trachea...", we really should remember Jesus' stand on violence. "...and Jesus said to him, "put up your sword. All who take the sword die by the sword."

    -Matthew 26

  7. Ok, to all of those who read and comment without a name on Aaron's blog. Let it be known (and notice the label at the bottom of this particular posting)that Aaron, along with others(myself, ryan and Jen included) who comment on this blog and use their real name, all have a sarcastic sesnse of humor. In fact, this particular posting along with Legends of the Bank teller whatever reflect quite a bit of Aaron's sarcastic humor.

    It is obvious that the writer of the last comment along with whomever our anonymous friend may be are not acquaintances of our dear friend Aaron (or myself and siblings) because it is quite obvious that they do not know him (or us) very well.

    There is way too much being read into not only his writing but also the comments being made and it's getting a bit ridiculous. We all are in fact friends and do know one another very well and so we enjoy the playful banter of our sarcastic exchanges on our blogs.

    Now, if at anytime we have offended with our sarcastic undertones then I will apologize for the collective group since I am the oldest and most mature. (am I right??)

    Here's my thinking...if you want to leave a comment on someone's blog than you should be able to put your name to it. If you can't, then truly you should consider the motives behind what you are saying. (thus why each of us sign our comments) If you don't know the author of the blog, you should take the time to read every posting he has written for the past 2 years. Do this and I can assure you that you will get a better feel for just who this Aaron character really is because there is more to him than meets the eye....

  8. That's right. I'm may appear to be of humble origins, but I'm actually a robot in disguise.

    Oh, and Nicole, most mature? Pssh...