Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Legends of the Bank Teller - Episode XXIX

I want to take some time to discuss one of my coworkers. Until now I've never mentioned any of them by name. But I will today. Paulette and Susu are two of our Financial Service Representatives, or as we call them, FSRs. I'm pretty sure that's what "FSR" stands for. This place has so many acronyms, it's hard to tell what letter stands for what anymore.

Since our head teller is on vacation this week, Paulette is behind the teller line to help us out with our influx of customers. But she must also still perform her duties as FSR, so that means she has to go back and forth between the Service Center and the teller desk.

At one point, Paulette misplaced her keys. She asked me if I knew where they were. I hadn't seen them. I told her that Susu probably took them.

Sidebar: There is always playful banter going on inside the branch. Paulette pretty much loves me, and thus, I can never do any wrong. I must really have her fooled. Others, such as Gail and Susu take the time to pick on Paulette or myself if the mood strikes them just right.

Anyway, after saying that Susu probably took the keys, I asked Paulette if she wanted me to beat her up. She gave me the go ahead, but then I thought about it. Susu is originally from China. What if she knows Kung Fu? I'm sorry, but this bank has barely trained me for the job I have, they certainly didn't include martial arts during that first couple weeks. I'm sure watching The Matrix and Kung Fu Panda just wouldn't be enough.

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