Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Highlighting Job

This posting is coming to you from the Greenehouse living room. Well, in fact many of Aaron's postings come from the living room of the Greenehouse because he does spend about 76% of his time here.

Today though, this particular posting is coming from an actual Greene.

The mother of all the little Greene's.

It is in fact being brought to by Nicole.

I guess you could say that I am a guest writer of sorts and have been given the honor to post on Aaron's blog.

So this morning I caught Aaron on Facebook and wanted to know what was on the agenda to do today. For sometime, he has been considering coloring and highlighting his hair. For the most part I have been putting off doing it by telling him that he would have to let it grow out a bit. Well, that time finally arrived.
We met up to search the shelves of our local drug stores to find the perfect color which just happened to be Truffle, a warm dark brown. We met back at the Greenehouse (as referred to by Aaron) and began our journey of the transformation from old Aaron in to the new and improved Aaron.

And so our story begins in the Greene's kitchen where Kevin was eating hot dogs, Gabby was enjoying some Vienna Sausages and Nicole was reading the directions to make sure she got it right on the first try.

Aaron before

And so Aaron takes a seat right in the middle of the kitchen and patiently awaits for me to get my act together so that we may begin the process of transformation.

I figured I had better get one last picture of us together while we were still friends and before I destroyed his hair.

Yes, Aaron was actually nervous that I might ruin his hair.

Can you believe that?

Please, I thought we had already established the fact that I am awesome.

No wait, Aaron has claimed that title.

I guess you should be nervous.

And so the color has been applied and we are singing to the sounds of the '80's while we
patiently wait for that rich dark cocoa color to take effect.

And then the look. The look that says,

"Nicole you had totally better not be turning my hair purple."

Would I ever do something like that??

Obviously someone has trust issues.

The rinse cycle

And so we head to the sink for that wonderful process of rinsing out the color until the water turns clear.

What a pain.

Aaron and that nervous laugh of his.

I am really beginning to think that he doesn't trust me.

And now begins the highlighting process.

It takes a very steady hand to highlight such short hair.

Not only that but it is quite time consuming and without gloves, it burns your fingers.

Yes, I sacrificed the tips of my fingers for his vanity.

Kevin is totally making fun of Aaron at this point.

And so now we wait....

And we wait a bit longer.

And Bam!

Look at that delicious rich color.

"It's Autumn Sunrise"

I was totally impressed with my handiwork.

I am thinking by the look on Aaron's face that he too is impressed with my great masterpiece.

And so the friendship remains in tact.

The End!

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