Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hair Thing at the Mall

So I was somehow convinced to attend what I can only describe as a hair fashion show at the mall last night. Nicole talked me into it with promises of prime opportunities to people watch and a crop of ripe blog potential. So I went. And folks, I took my camera. Unfortunately not one of the pictures I took turned out well. It was always something: either the lighting was way off or the people were moving too fast. I guess I'm still not completely used to the digital scene.

You may be asking why I would even consider going to this thing? Well, for one thing, it gave me something to do on a Saturday night. For another, our friend Angela was one of the hair models. Again, I got a picture, but it's all blurry. She was walking the runway too fast. I thought about yelling for her to slow back down, but by the time I saw the picture I took, it was too late. It was like trying to take a photo of the Flash.

Overall it was an interesting event. There was a guy showing off what's known as a "hair tattoo." It was a very realistic picture of Barack Obama shaved into his head. Really wish I had a good picture of that one. Just didn't turn out. Obama should thank that kid. You can't buy publicity like that. Another guy had these hair tattoos on either side of this head, separated by a bright red mohawk. Another's head looked a little like graffiti.

I also discovered last night that the Belk is a cellular dead zone. All-over network my butt.

On an unrelated note: for those of you interested in keeping up with Olympic medal standings, scroll to the bottom of this page. Last I checked, China was in the lead in gold with 6, but tied with the US in overall medals at 8. Come on USA! You can do better than that!

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  1. Ya know that I think of it, the crow on my mothers head could have made it into that hair show, right next to the head tat. P.S. stylin and profilin with that dashing pic!!