Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mark Comes to Visit

I've had college friends say that they would come down to Wake Forest to visit. But until this weekend, none of them actually went through with it. After nearly a year of living in North Carolina, I finally received a visit from one of the old Bluefield crew. Thanks for visiting Mark.

He made the drive on Saturday evening and arrived in town around 8:30 or so. He brought stuff for hamburgers, so there was no way I was turning him away. Now, remember, I am house sitting for the Greenes, so Mark was able to stay in a much nicer place than what I would have normally been able to offer. It's just a shame the Greenes weren't here to enjoy the Mark Hipes experience. I think everyone would have gotten along just fine.

He really wasn't here long. Just long enough to go to church this morning and play the mandatory SingStar this afternoon. I'm not sure if I've previously mentioned that Nicole has a rule that anyone who comes to the Greenehouse must participate in SingStar at some time or another. And since this was Mark's first, and possibly only, visit to the Greenehouse, I deemed it necessary. Luckily, Mark does not embarass easily...

In other news, not to be outdone by JenStock 2008, the Greenes will have a week devoted to them. So, this coming week, while they are still at the beach, I will be bringing you Greene Days. Get it? It's a play on the band name. Green Day. Get it? Shut up, you know it's funny.

Also, in unrelated news, an anonymous someone left a comment regarding my blog post from Thursday. I love getting comments. I don't even mind it when they're completely anonymous. But whoever you are requested a copy of something for sentimental reasons. Are requesting a copy of the farewell video that Jen and I made? Are you requesting a video of my upcoming trip to LA? Again, I love getting comments. I'd love to get comments from people on everything I do. I was just left confused by this particular request. Please, dear mystery commentator, reveal thyself that I may honor thine request... if I can. If it's about the Todd video, I don't have a copy of it anymore. I sent my last copy to Jen some time ago. April may have the original somewhere, but I really don't know. Holler.


  1. Oh. My. Word. Those videos made me snort!

    Glad you and Mark got to hang out! I'll talk to you soon!


  2. ok, so that was hilarious!!! I think I may have even snorted. Glad you guys had such a good time!!
    So, did you happen to come across the Singstar 80's???

  3. BTW, how could you let him butcher Hoobastank in that way??????

  4. he was deliciously horrible.

    i love it!

    i miss singstar.

    lets get the band back together for one more round.

    what do you say?

  5. This is why you cannot do anything but love Mark Hipes.

  6. Oh My WOW.......I think I do have that copy you were speaking of......I will look for it!

  7. O.M.G....

    That sounded eerily similar to the mating call of a 3-legged dingo!!!!

    Where's the tylenol?????

  8. Singing SuperstarJuly 7, 2008 at 11:31 PM

    Whats a 3-legged dingo?

  9. I hate to pull a Simon Cowell on ya Mark, but that 'was literally awful'(in british accent). Put the microphone down, and walk away!