Thursday, July 17, 2008

LAst ditch effort

Last week, Jen told me I should get a tan before coming out there. The logic was that if I had a tan, I wouldn't automatically fry myself when I hit the beach in LA. So for the first time in my life, I want to a tanning bed.

I know, I waited too long to begin the tanning process. So between last Thursday and today, I visited the place a total of four times. During my initial visit, I sat under the heat lamps for six minutes. It didn't seem too bad. And then that night I turned a little red. Not bad, but enough to keep me from going back on Friday.

On Saturday, I was still red, so I decided to skip it. On Monday, I had planned to go back, but since I took a sick day at work, I felt it would be a little tacky to be seen trying to get a tan. So I went Tuesday. Another six minutes.

This time it seemed like my skin was rejecting the ultraviolet radiation. No effect whatsoever. So I went again Wednesday after work. This time, the girl suggested eight minutes. It seemed that this too offered little to no effect. So I went again today. It was my last ditch effort to get a tan before going west.

She asked if I wanted to do nine or ten minutes. I figured, what the heck, it's my last try, so I went with ten. It was too much. At this moment, as I prepare to get some sleep, I am in a considerable amount of pain.

Let's recap: in my effort to tan, in order to avoid burning in California, I burned, instead, in North Carolina. Should make tomorrow's flight all kinds of uncomfortable.

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