Thursday, July 03, 2008

JenStock 2008: Day 4

The year was A.D. 2000. The flying cars and jet packs that we had been promised so many years earlier had yet to appear. That disappointment was setting in. But my spirits were raised with the meeting of Jennifer Hamilton.

That summer she and I were both "leaders" at SuperWeek, a church youth camp held (at the time) at Bridgewater College. I'm not sure when she deemed me a worthy adversary/partner in crime. I could have been when I tricked her into leaving her table at one of the meals and then turning her drink into a gel.

Sidebar: I had this stuff that bought at a magic shop. It was this powder that turned any liquid into a gel. I bet the folks doing dishes had a blast with that.

Anyway, about mid-way through the week, Jen and I came up with the idea of making a farewell video for Todd Brock. He was our youth minister, who would soon be leaving for Montana to start a new church. So there we were, two kids in a small town with just a camera and a dream.

Our first, and thus far only, production consisted of documentary style interviews with the kids in our youth group, a few killer action shots, and of course, an ending musical number.

It was a rousing success. The short film was shown in a youth room and a sanctuary across the North (Roanoke Baptist Church). I'll be bringing a video camera with me to Los Angeles when I go visit her in a few weeks. Just to see if we can recreate that movie-making magic in documenting my first trip to the west coast. So Jen, scout out some locations.


  1. and i have a copy of that video in my room.

    i'll be cleaning it up, sweetening the audio then .. sundance .. here we come.


  2. can i get a copy of it when your done....

    purely for sentimental reasons, of course!!!!!