Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Greene Day Three

The eldest Greene girl is Makenna. As a six-year-old girl, life is filled with Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and drama, drama, drama. About two or three weeks ago I was invited to go along with grandparents from Virginia and neighbors from next door to Makenna's dance recital. I felt kind of special to be on Makenna's short list of people to invite. I was very impressed with the whole production. And Makenna's two dances were both very good.

I found out via the blog that Nicole keeps for the kids that Makenna lost a tooth on Monday. This really clears up a lot of stuff for me. See, Monday night, I was sleeping quite soundly when I heard someone stumbling around upstairs. I was more than a little alarmed, so I grabbed a baseball bat and ran upstairs. I was ready to pounce until I saw some chick with wings. Needless to say I was taken aback by this sight. She almost bolted, but after seeing the wings and the sceptor with the giant tooth on top, I figured she was the Tooth Fairy. I stopped her from flying out the window long enough to ask if she was looking for one of the Greene kids. She looked at her list and said she was looking for Makenna. I told her they were down in Myrtle Beach on vacation. I wasn't real sure of exact directions, but she said she could find them. But I guess it took an extra night, 'cause I hear she didn't visit until last night. So kids, just remember, it's never a good idea to lose a tooth while you're out of town. 'Cause then the Tooth Fairy might get confused.

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  1. we're snoring .. flying .. there's not a star in heaven we can't reach!

    that's what goes through my head when i think of g-mac.

    yes, i said snoring. that's how she used to sing it.