Saturday, July 26, 2008


While in LA, just outside Point Break Live, Jen and I noticed an annoying phenomenon. I'm not sure there's a name for this event, so I'm just gonna call it "forced chivalry."

As we waited a substantial amount of time for the valet guy to bring Jen's car back around, another car pulled up. A girl walked over to the passenger door and stood there. Her arms were crossed as she just stared at her date. Then she looked at the door handle. Then she looked back at him. The very clear vibe that she was sending was that she would not be opening that door on her own. That, apparently, is the man's job.

Okay, I'm not one to believe that chivalry is dead. My folks raised me right, in that it's polite to hold a door, pull out a chair, or reach for the check after dinner. But ladies, you can't force it. In this modern world where women can vote and own property, and have been able to do so for a very, very long time, is it really realistic for you to expect your fella to remain that shining armor knight?

I think there's a very thin line here. Guys, you can do all that stuff and with some women, it will impress them. But with others, they'll just get annoyed. And gals, if the guy you're with doesn't do all that stuff and those actions are something you expect from the man you're dating, then dump him and find someone who will. If you don't expect your date to live up to that standard and then (gasp) he does hold the door for you, just let it be a nice surprise. Chances are he's really nervous. The nice ones get nervous and will probably overshoot the niceness when they're on a date with a girl they like.

BTW, I don't actually have a cited source on this one. It's all just pure opinion. The fact that I could be wrong is always a distinct possibility. Remember the title of this blog when I start giving dating advice.

When Jen's car finally pulled up in front of us, I thought about rushing around to the driver's side to get the door for her. But then I thought, she's driving... she should be getting the door for me. But then I thought better of it and got the door my own self. I'm a modern guy, I can do stuff on my own. I can even vote and own property.


  1. as i recall, i ASKED you if you wanted me to open the door for you .. you immediately huffed and puffed, crossed your arms, turned away from me and with tears in your voice said ..

    "i don't want you to ASK me, i just want you to automatically do it .. just take me home"

    yeah, i thought it was weird too.

    PS - you're officially linked on my page.
    happy now?

  2. I'll have you know that I neither huff nor puff, unless I'm forced to climb multiple flights of stairs at an increased rate of speed.

    PS - Extremely happy. But also sad that I had to huff and puff about it.