Thursday, June 12, 2008


Last week I discovered something pretty cool. It's a website called Stumble Upon. It's this place where you go and register, download a toolbar, and decide what types of websites you may be interested in. In this brand new toolbar, you get a button that simply says "Stumble." When you click there, you are taken to a random website that you may enjoy based on your interests. I've come across some interesting websites, but last night, I found one that topped them all.

When I clicked the stumble button, I was taken to an internet jukebox. It automatically began playing Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up. And while I don't hate that song, I was more interested in seeing how extensive the music selection was in this "jukebox." I used the search feature and looked for Rainbow Connection, I figured that would be an easy one. Many different versions were presented in list form.

So then I wondered if they had any Christian music. So I searched for Newsong's Arise My Love. This is the part where I geeked out. Not because they had the song I searched for, but because they had a song that I never expected to see or hear on the internet. There on the list of possible matches for "Arise My Love" was a song by Bluefield College Praise Singers called Arise, Shine.

Backstory: During my two senior years, I was a member of the Bluefield College Praise Singers. In that time I got the chance to sing beside some of the best singers I've ever heard. I'm not just saying that because they were my friends. It really blew me away how much talent Bluefield College housed for such a small school. Anyway, in that second year of Praise Singers, we recorded a CD. This CD, which I have since lost after numerous moves, contained the song mentioned above. And in that song mentioned above, I've got a solo.

So, imagine my surprise in stumbling upon myself on the internet. What are the odds? I kinda geeked out when I heard it. Even though I don't like listening to recordings of myself. You know that scene in That Thing You Do when the Oneders first heard themselves on the radio? That's kind of how I felt. I didn't run down the streets or jump up and down screaming. At least not externally.

At the same time, I was talking to Jen through AIM. I shared the site with her, but I don't think she was excited as I was. When I told her I would be blogging about it, she said that was egotistical. But you know what? I don't care. I'm singing on the internet now and she's not!

I used to think I would have to become one of Blogger's blogs of note or have an article written about me in Wikipedia to have arrived. But now I know, all I needed was to hear myself singing on an internet jukebox. I kid, I'm really not that egotistical.

Seriously though, check out the songs. Do a search for Bluefield College to hear others. I suggest So Good featuring my friend Cassie, and Order My Steps which was done by Praise Singers after I graduated.

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  1. Wow, your ego has gotten way out of control.

    however, i would like to point out ..


    all about me. My name in print. On this fascinating thing we call the interweb.

    but really aaron, you need to deflate that huge ego of yours and start writing more about me.