Sunday, June 08, 2008


Allow me to introduce you to a couple people that I've become friends with through the Greenes and through Faith Baptist Church, where I am currently a member. Meet Jonathan and Angela. They're apart of the same Thursday night small group Bible study at the Greenehouse that I participate in each week.

I say I participate, but mostly I sit back and take most of it in. You can learn a lot by listening. I'm learning a lot.

Anyway, Jonathan has several interesting tattoos. One may refer to him as the illustrated man. He and Angela share a matching tattoo. That of a skeletal replica of the bones in their right feet. Imagine having x-ray vision, then looking at someone's right foot. That's what you would see if looking at either Jonathan or Angela.

I first met Angela while participating in the adult choir at church. She also sings with the worship team each Sunday. I didn't meet Jonathan until we began meeting each Thursday, but we quickly bonded over Call of Duty and a common love for Back to the Future. He was equally saddened by the destruction of the Hill Valley set at Universal Studios.

This morning in church, as the pastor was making his way to the stage to begin his sermon, Michael (the worship leader) was praying. Being in a worshipful state of mind, I had my head bowed and my eyes closed. I was startled when I felt someone gently kicking my foot. Remember, I was looking down. So I opened my eyes. And what did I see? A skeletal right foot kicking me. That startled me a little more.

Of course it was just Angela trying to get by me. But really, what would you think if in the middle of prayer your eyes popped open to see a permanently inked metatarsus. Foot bones... to the layperson.

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