Thursday, June 26, 2008

Legends of the Bank Teller - Episode XXIV

Three short stories from the drive-thru lane...

One day a woman drove up in her minivan and just sat there. For about a minute she just sat there staring at the tube. I was working on something for a lobby customer, so finally a coworker asked her if she could help. Now, she didn't buzz in. Normally people push the buzzer about 8 times to either annoy us or get our attention. The woman in the van just asked, "How do I do this?" Luckily I was busy and not at the microphone, otherwise it could have picked me up saying, "You've gotta be kidding me." Later I felt bad for thinking she was an idiot. Turns out, the previous customer had driven off with the box, so there was nothing out there. True story.

This other time I was helping a girl in lane one. She finished her transaction, so then I greeted the man that had just driven up in lane two. While he was talking to me, he was distracted. He nearly gave himself whiplash trying to check out the girl in lane one that I had just helped. Dude, put your eyes back in your head. She was seventeen.

Finally, I love how people take the time to write a note to me. They send the note in with a hot mess of checks and cash and sometimes loose coin. Along with all this, they over identify themselves by sending in three different IDs. But in doing all that, they can't take the time to fill out their deposit slip? Happens all the time.

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