Thursday, June 05, 2008


I don't think I've mentioned that I got a new TV. It's been about two months now and things are going great. See, that's what I did with my income tax refund. I upgraded to the high definition LCD television.

I've wanted one of these HDTVs since my friend Brandon got his nearly two years ago. When he got that, it was decided that his place would be where I watched sporting events, American Idol finales, and pretty much every other decent TV show. Then I moved away.

The Greenes have hi-def. But I don't understand how they can insist upon watching standard definition programming. Sure, if it's something coming on TV that's not aired in HD, go for it. But all of the networks are offered in HD. Why would you watch Lost on the regular channel when you can watch it with a much clearer picture, better sound, and in widescreen format? I've fussed at them numerous times for making this mistake. They just haven't trained themselves to go straight to the HD channels.

HD is kind of amazing. I know, it's just a thing. But really, flip back and forth between the SD and HD stations. Even the old shows are dramatically different in clarity. I imagine that when God looked down through the scope of history, and saw that mankind would develop this invention known as the television, high definition was how He saw it. I'm sure that while mere mortals were messing around with tubes and transistors, He was on high with that still, small voice, telling us that we could do so much better. And finally, we have.

(Was that sacriligious? I didn't mean it to be.)

As far as being trained to go straight to the high definition stations, I'm already there. Brandon once said that he doesn't watch anything unless it's in hi-def. I scoffed at him. I couldn't believe that you could limit yourself to the few HD channels offered by cable television. But you know what, you can limit yourself. After experiencing high definition, going back to the small screen is sometimes difficult. It's sometimes disappointing. This is a new era, and I have embraced it.

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