Thursday, May 22, 2008

Things I Want To Do In LA

Not sure if I've mentioned on here that I'm flying to Los Angeles in July. I've been saying I'd go out there to visit Jen for years, and it's finally happening. So I'm making a list of things I'd like to do while I'm there. Please note that this list is incomplete. If you have any suggestions for me, please share. As I've never been to the west coast, I'm open to ideas.

1. Put my feet in the Pacific.
2. See The Dark Knight (since it comes out the weekend I'm there).
3. Since the Angels are home, I'd like to see them play the Red Sox. That will be one more MLB ballpark visited.
4. Grauman's Chinese Theater.
5. Beat Jen in a real game of Scrabble. Without cheating.

That's all I've got right now. I thought about The Price is Right, but I figure in the summer, they won't be taping any new shows yet. Again, any suggestions will be helpful.


  1. 1. easy enough but it will be COLD!

    2. possibly if i feel like it

    3. probably not since i just checked and there are no tickets available but i'll check again later

    4. of course

    5. it's on

    6. shows will be on hiatus so probably none of those

    7. we could buy a map of the stars homes and go stalk

    8. eat sushi YUM!

    9. try to get on one of the backlots

    10. disneyland, universal studios, legoland, however, it will be crowded and hot

    11. drive up the coast

    12. or down

    13. go to mexico

    14. go to vegas

    15. hollywood sign

    16. horseback riding through griffith park

    17. go to the observatory

    18. venice beach (muscle beach, all the artsy people)

    19. walk of fame

    20. apparently if you drive up to houdini's mansion and stand outside the front gate at 11:13pm (i think that's the time) you see the ghost of Houdini's carriage come speeding around the corner

    21. rodeo drive/beverly hills

    22. eat pizza cause i just LOVE pizza

    23. eat krispy kreme glazed donuts right off the lane (if you don't think this sounds exciting just ask nicole .. we did this TWICE while she was here .. maybe three times)

    24. go to melrose

    25. museums

    26. sit in traffic

    27. tar pits

    28. farmers market

    29. drive downs sunset blvd

    30. eat cookie dough

    31. eat pancakes from dupars (i swear these are the best pancakes in existence)

    32. that's all i got

    bring a list and we'll do it cause once you're here i'll be like "uh, i don't know what there is to do"


  2. . Eat Krispe Kreme donuts but they have to be from the one in Burbank. SOOOO GOOOOD!!!
    2. Take a drive on Mulholland Drive
    3. Make Jen drive you up the road that looks over the city of L.A where we saw the coyote.
    4. While in CA you have to eat at a California Pizza Kitchen.
    5. Make her take you to my favorite store- Club Monaco and buy me something nice. (just thought I'd try)
    6. Go by the place where one of the scenes from your FAVORITE movie was filmed.

    This is all I can think of at the moment but I'm sure there's more.