Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Legends of the Bank Teller - Episode XIX

Let’s consider this a “lost episode.” I have something to write about that happened several months ago that I just never wrote about.

One day when I arrived at work, I found a box on my counter that had my name on it. I opened it up to find that I have received business cards with my name on them. Not only does this card have my name, it has my job title, phone number, and e-mail address. Finally, after years of working in the real world, I have a little card with my name on it.

Granted, I have had cards with my name on them in the past. But they’ve all been credit cards or ATM cards. And there are always strings attached. I suppose there are strings attached to these cards as well. I’ll only be able to use these business cards as long as I work for the establishment I’m currently working for. After that, they’ll be out of date. But I figure, for the next two to three years, these cards are gonna be just fine.

Did you ever see that old Steve Martin movie The Jerk? There’s a scene where he receives the new phonebook and finds his name listed in it. He freaks out, jumping up and down, screaming that he’s somebody now. That’s kind of how I feel having these business cards. I’m somebody now!

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  1. HAHA, I am so glad that you blogged about this. I really thought I was the only one that felt this way when I received my first "real" business cards recently. Hope you are doing well and hope to see you soon. Maybe we can exchange cards :)