Saturday, May 24, 2008

Legends of the Bank Teller: Episode XVIII

I know I’ve complained before about people who don’t keep track of their accounts. I wouldn’t get upset about it, but it’s simple addition and subtraction. Someone with the education of a 2nd grader should be able to balance a checkbook. My latest complaint comes with a woman that shall henceforth be known as Mrs. Idiot. She has two kids, Idiot Son and Idiot Daughter.

About a month ago, Mrs. Idiot came into the bank to deposit money into her Idiot Son’s checking account. Apparently, Idiot Son is a college student who uses his debit card without checking to see if there’s any real money to back it up. And every time the debit card is used without the money to back it up, there’s a $35 charge from the bank. Pretty standard, really. So, Mrs. Idiot, being the enabler she is, loaded money into Idiot Son’s account to take care of the fees.

Today, Mrs. Idiot returned. Idiot Daughter’s account is now in the negative. By a lot. Same problem, same solution.

This message is for Mrs. Idiot, and for any other enabling parent that feel the need to bail their kids out of every jam they get themselves into. Don’t. Okay? Just don’t give them money whenever they over spend. Let the bank go after them. Let them have a bad credit score. It’s the only way they’re really going to learn from their mistakes. If you throw money at the problem every time they overdraw their accounts, then in the future, they’ll be conditioned to know that Idiot Mom will step in and fix everything.

And parents whose kids have not reached the age where they can screw up their own bank accounts, just remember, they’re watching you. Kids learn spending habits from watching their parents. All I’m saying.

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