Tuesday, May 20, 2008

American Idol: Two

So, I'm not really sure how to do this tonight. I think I'm just gonna watch and listen. I'm gonna list who does what song. And then at the end, I'm going to announce who I think deserves to win tomorrow night. Sound good? Okay good, 'cause I'm tired and really don't feel like doing a lot. Like talking about how ridiculous the opening boxing motif is.

First round songs are chosen for the singers by Clive Davis.

Cook - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Archuleta - Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me

Second round songs are chosen by the contestants from the songwriting competition.

Cook - Dream Big

Archuleta - In This Moment

Third round songs are also contestants' choice, but from a much longer list of available songs.

Cook - The World I Know

Archuleta - Imagine

I'm gonna be honest with you. After tonight's performances, I really think that David is going to win this whole thing. Call me crazy, but I think he might just pull it off. I know I didn't see it coming at the beginning of the season. But all week, I've been saying it. You wait and see. Tomorrow night is the over-hyped, over-filled, over-scheduled finale. Where Ryan will announce that David is the new American Idol. If I'm wrong, I'll never watch this show again!

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  1. clever boy.

    now be a clever man and choose the winner's last name.

    CA love