Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol: Two Left

So I would begin my post tonight with my normal rant about how the results episodes are boring and they're only filler until we get to the point of the whole night: the results. But I can't. Because my cable box is screwed up yet again. See, I was expecting my DVR to record the show so I could play it back starting at 9:30. My plan is such so I can avoid commercials whenever possible. But I noticed an odd thing. It wasn't recording at 9pm. So I turn over to Fox to watch it (gasp) live. But all I get is a blank screen. On every channel. Thank you Time-Warner Cable for giving me a cable box that is completely worthless every couple weeks until I realize I need to reboot the stupid thing.

I digress. The box has finished doing its thing, so I'll start doing my thing. I join the show just in time for the crappy Ford commercial. How lucky am I?

I really don't think I need to comment on the show. I stated last night that Syesha will be eliminated tonight. She could have knocked everyone's socks off with her songs and the Daves could have just not shown up and the boys would still be in the finale. And as predicted, the Davids will face off next week.

Basically the show was a lot of filler. We had a lot of flashbacks and a lot of hometown footage. You think there was a lot of filler tonight? Wait 'til next Wednesday. Two hours of nothing 'til they do the ultimate reveal of who will be the next American Idol.

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