Tuesday, May 13, 2008

American Idol: Three

Everyone gets three numbers. Everyone gets three songs. One is chosen by the judges, one is chosen by the producers, one is chosen by the contestants.

David A - And So It Goes; With You; Longer
The beginning of the song is a capella, and when the instrumental comes in, he's pretty much on key. Not an easy task. It's a nice song, but Paula picked a boring one to start the night. Come on Paula, you can do better than that. The second song was picked by himself. I think he chose this song to "prove" that he could take a risk and stretch himself vocally. I don't think it's working. I really don't. I'm going to say something that could illicit hate mail, but since no one ever reads this thing anyway, I'll say it. I think this was this kid's worst performance since being on this show. The third song was done pretty well. But boring. And you know what, it doesn't matter what he had sung tonight. It doesn't matter if he did well or did poorly. He's in the final with Cook.

Syesha - If I Ain't Got You; Fever; Hit Me Up
Not bad. About what you would expect from her at this point. She did a good job with the song. I think this song, chosen by Randy, was a better pick than Paula's for Archuleta. She says she's gonna "work the chair." Remember Syesha, there are kids watching. Okay, gotta say it... That was hot. But the judges had an excellent point: She had the chance to pick any song out of the Idol catalog and she picked an old standard. She probably should have taken the opportunity to do something more contemporary and attempt to push the envelope. And the third song isn't bad. It was up-tempo and definitely not boring. But like I said with Archuleta, it doesn't matter what she sang or how she did, she's going home this week.

David C - First Time Ever I Saw Your Face; Dare You to Move; I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Simon picked a song by Roberta Flack. A song that will definitely stretch David. I have a feeling this is outside his comfort zone. Probably a song he's never heard before this week. But I'm pretty sure he nailed it. Round one goes to Cook. And as I kind of expected, round two goes to Cook too. It wasn't as good as his first song of the night, but still very good. I don't need to say anything for round three. 'Cause Cook took that one too.

In a nutshell, Syesha's done this week. The Davids will duke it out next week. Nothing any of them could have done would have changed this scenario. This was pre-ordained ages ago. Tomorrow night is Syesha's elimination. Tune in then...

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