Wednesday, May 07, 2008

American Idol: Three Left

Maroon 5 and Bo Bice will be performing tonight. I will not critique them. Since the judges wuss out on that scene, so will I. Plus I don't care. All I care about is who's going home. My money's on Jason. But I'm wrong a lot this season. I've really been off my game. I just can't call these things like I used to.

David Archuleta is out first. He says he feels nervous. Why? If he knows anything about where America votes at all, he should know he's in the finale. The faux shyness and modesty is getting really obnoxious. Really. He's safe.

David Cook is next. Pretty sure he's finale material too. Pretty sure. And I'm right. Well, at least 'til next week. So it's down to Syesha and Jason who both meet Ryan on the stage. But of course we won't find out which of them goes home yet. It's not even 9:30. There are still two performances to get through. And possibly those stupid phone-in questions.

Finally we get back to the results... half an hour later. Felt like half a decade. And Jason is going home. I can't believe I got one right. Wow. Okay, all of them are actually going home, but the other three will be coming back next week to sing again. I think they each have three songs. They don't even need to sing next week. I can already tell you the Davids will be in the finale. No question.

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