Saturday, May 31, 2008

4-D Ultrasound

I saw a commercial for these 4-D ultrasound machines. I suppose it’s a machine that allows you to see your baby much more clearly than that old sonogram where it really just looks like some kind of blob. The images they showed on the commercial did like very detailed. If a little creepy.

The thing that gets me is this 4-D thing. What does that mean? I thought we could only see in 3-D. There are three dimensions, right? Height, width, and depth… and isn’t that it? In a lot of science fiction stuff, they talk about time being the fourth dimension. So if time is the fourth dimension, can you see your baby throughout time with this 4-D machine? From before birth, can you see what kind of grades your kid will get in school? Can you see what kind of career they’ll have 25 years down the line?

This is not technology that I was aware that we were capable of. And this was a local commercial. Just imagine what they’ve secretly got over at NASA that they’re just not telling us about.

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