Monday, April 28, 2008

Legends of the Bank Teller: Episode XVII

I had a craplousy day. Not just lousy. Craplousy.

It began this morning when I accidentally cut my wrist using my fingernail. Not real sure how that happened, but I didn't think of it much at the time. I got a Band-Aid and moved on with my work. Little did I know, it was but a harbinger of things to come.

Things seemed to be going okay until after I got back from lunch. Suddenly it was decided that a co-worker would be going home, taking her half day off. See, when a full-timer works on Saturday, they have to take a half day vacation during the week. This week, it's her turn to work Saturday. But what boneheaded moron decided that she should go home early today? Mondays, traditionally, are busy. Lots of people making lots of deposits after their businesses have busy weekends. I thought this was the reason I was hired to work on Mondays, because they want to have that extra person around. What's the point of having an extra person if you get rid of one of your regulars?

So she left. And, of course, we got busy. And, of course, we still had another full-time teller that was due her lunch break. While she did this, one of the FSRs came over to work the teller line. The problem with this particular FSR is that her idea of "help" is to come over, and use that opportunity to sell accounts to clients. Thus defeating the purpose of her coming over to "help." See, 'cause this means that, since we were still busy, I had to run back and forth between the lobby and the window. Thank you FSR.

Another issue, which is of my own doing, is that my drawer was out of balance. Half way through the day, a courier comes into the branch to pick up all outgoing work/inter-office mail. And we really have to have something to send up. Which we did, but I also had a lot of paperwork sitting in my window, so I wanted to get rid of it. In order to do this, one must balance one's drawer to make sure all the paperwork in one's window is correct. But I couldn't balance.

I started out with a $52.00 shortage. Then I found a $100 bill in my 20s. Then I found a strap of what should've been 50 singles, but was really only 41. This, somehow, left me at $19.00 over. Couldn't find it. And every single time I tried to recount, another customer came to the window. One after another after another after another. We didn't have any long lines at any point during the day. It was just a non-stop barrage of one-at-a-time people.

Eventually I found a one in the 20s, which solved my out of balance-ness of the day. But by this point, I was so frustrated with customers, FSRs, managers (who also left early today, how convenient), the slightest thing could have set me off.

And then, on the way home, I was listening to the radio, and they skipped the entire 2nd verse of The Eagles' Lyin' Eyes.

I called the Greenes, hoping I could hear some cute story about something one of the kids did today. But I got their answering machine. At least I'm pretty sure it was theirs. Usually, the voice on the recording is their daughter telling the caller they've reached the Greenes. Today it was a robot. So now I'm concerned that my surrogate family has been replaced by some sort of robot overlords who are just the first wave of an invasion style army. If I find out that this is the reality of the situation, the resistance begins here. Stay tuned for details.

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