Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today I went to the dentist. Now, when they asked me when my last dental check-up was, I told them college. That was a tangled web of lies. Actually, I was probably twelve the last time I saw a dentist.

So I went into this thing expecting to be told I had roughly 16 cavities and the wisdom teeth needed to come out right away. This was actually not the case. Initially, he stuck some thing in my mouth and started poking around. I guess he was checking for cavities. This was a little uncomfortable, but I said nothing.

So far, nothing showing up. Then came the x-rays. He shoved this little x-ray film things into my mouth. This is where my gag reflex kicked in. This is also where my panic reflex kicked in. I'm pretty sure at one point I reached up and nearly forced him to pull the thing out of my mouth. It was very uncomfortable. I felt the need to apologize.

Turns out, the x-rays also showed no cavities. I think that's pretty good for not seeing a dentist for the last 16 years. Cavity free for my entire life isn't bad at all. The x-ray did, however, show that my wisdom teeth are severely screwed up. At least, the bottom ones are. The one on the left has grown in sideways. I mean, the thing that should be the top of the tooth is actually pushing against that molar that came in at age 12 (last time I saw a dentist). So I'll have to get those taken out at some point. I'm pretty sure it's a bad sign when the tooth has come in facing the wrong direction.

He said the rest of the teeth looked really good. He said I was really lucky to be one of those people who never needed braces. I agreed. And I'm sure my parents were grateful as well. So I guess I'll put myself through the torture of wisdom teeth extraction this summer when I won't need to miss classes for the inevitable pain that will accompany said extraction.

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  1. you will love it! it was the best four days of my life, but you will need someone to take care of you atleast for the first day!