Saturday, April 26, 2008

Forbidden Kingdom

I don't often get to see movies in the theater. I know I just posted a blog the other day about movies I want to see and movies that I want to avoid. But as a full time student and nearly full-time employee, finding the time and/or money to see a motion picture can be difficult.

Today I found both. I got a call from the Greenes saying they were seeing Forbidden Kingdom this afternoon and invited me to meet them there. Honestly, this wasn't a movie that I was chomping at the bit to go see. Sure, I'd seen the previews, and it looked interesting, but I wasn't sure it would be worth my eight bucks. I figured, at best, I'd see it when TBS aired it in a couple years.

But hey, it was a call from the Greenes to do something other than sit in my house and play Wii. And when the Greenes say, "jump," I say, "How high?" So to the theater I went. And you know what, it was a pretty good movie.

It wasn't the blockbuster that I'm expecting from Indiana Jones or The Dark Knight (which was once again previewed... awesome!). But the movie does pair Jackie Chan and Jet Li. And it does feature a fight between the two. During their initial fight, I kept thinking there would be no winner. They're both playing good guys, they got equal billing in the opening credits. This means it'll end in a draw long before the fight starts.

I won't sit here and give a long, drawn out, spoiler-filled review. But I will suggest that you see it. That is, if you like an entertaining, somewhat family-friendly, actionish movie. Also, chick with the white hair, kinda hot. And now I'm back home watching True Lies. I know, I know...

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