Sunday, April 20, 2008


Summertime always brings with it a slew of films that are expected to break box office records and entice droves of the American population to come sit in a cold, dark room with 250 strangers stuffing their faces with popcorn and Sno-Caps. This summer, I'm sure, will be no different.

There are movies that I will want to see, but will be either unable to afford, or just be unmotivated to get to. On the other hand, there are a few that I will make my way to no matter the cost. When I got my mail yesterday, I received the Entertainment Weekly summer movie issue. So, with no more ado, here are a few of the movies I'm looking forward to... And a few that I'm no so much looking forward to...

Iron Man - May 2
When it comes to movies based on Marvel characters, I only get excited over Spider-Man and the X-Men. It's because I grew up on Superman. This pretty much makes me a DC guy. It's like choosing Mac or PC (except here it's Marvel or DC). But I don't like that analogy because it makes the DC guy look like a loser, and Superman's cool, so shut up. Anyway, the previews I've seen for this movie actually look pretty good, so I might make it to the theater to see this one, but I might not. If I have to wait for the DVD, I won't cry about it.

Speed Racer - May 9
Here's one that has had a lot of hype behind it. Made by the guys that did The Matrix. I could never get into the cartoon. So I don't think I'll be getting into the live action movie. I'll pass.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - May 22
Okay, all I've gotta say is, this movie better be awesome. I feel about this the same way I felt about Superman Returns. It had been nearly 20 years between seeing Superman on the big screen. It's been nearly 20 years since the last time Harrison Ford put that fedora on and snapped that whip. The previews don't show a whole lot of what the plot will be about. But it doesn't really need to. All I have to see is that there will be some action and some booby traps. Really, all I have to hear is that trademark music. George Lucas could've just flashed the Indiana Jones title on the screen with the music playing, that would've been enough to get me to the theater. So this is a must see for me. If there's a midnight show, I might even go to that. Maybe. Midnight is actually pretty late and I'm getting pretty old.

Sex and the City - May 30
Okay, I never liked the show. In fact, whenever I see that it's coming on TBS (every friggin' day), I can't help but roll my eyes. And really, I can't even totally nail down what it is about the show that I don't like, because I've never sat down to watch a complete episode. When it was syndicated, I thought about giving it a shot, but changed my mind about five minutes into it. So now that a movie has been made as a continuation of the TV show, will I be lining up to see it? Absolutely not. And I'm pretty sure I'll be skipping the DVD as well. But to all of you who loved the show, I'm sure you'll love the movie. I'd say it's just 'cause I'm a guy, but I do know guys that like it. I just don't.

The Incredible Hulk - June 13
Okay, I was disappointed with the first Hulk movie. It was okay, but not the action blockbuster that I was expecting from a guy that turns into a huge green monster when you get him angry. But I'm nostalgic. I loved watching The Incredible Hulk TV show when I was a kid. Of course, I always shut my eyes tight and put my hands over my ears during the opening credits. I'm pretty sure it shows Bill Bixby turning into a green Lou Ferigno for the first time. But I never actually saw it. They have promised us that this movie will have more action. So maybe I'll make it to see this one. It is, after all, another Marvel movie, and as I said before, I'm a DC guy. Which I'll be excited about in July.

Wall*E - June 27
Thus far, the only Pixar movie I haven't seen has been Ratatouille. I'm not sure what it was about that one, I just didn't have much desire to see it. I'm sure I'll see it eventually, but as of this moment, haven't seen it. And to be honest, previews for Wall*E haven't done much for me either. So this is one that I may or may not see in the theater. Probably a DVD.

Hancock - July 2
I like Will Smith. I like just about everything he's done. Except for Made in America. But that was mostly because of Ted Danson. But a movie about an apathetic super-hero? I might skip it. I know I'll see it eventually, just not in the theater.

The Dark Knight - July 18
I don't think I really need to say anything. I need to see this movie. It happens to be coming out the day that I'm going to Los Angeles. So to a certain young lady, I emphasize the fact that I need to see this movie. At some point during that weekend trip to the west coast, I will see this movie. Pencil it in.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe - July 25
I never got into the show all that much. I mean, the episodes I saw, I liked. I just never got into it like I got into shows like Buffy, or like I am with Lost. I also didn't see the first X-Files movie. So it's safe to say I'll be skipping this one. But one of these days, I might Netflix the series and the movies. It could happen. But as it is, I have 300 movies in my queue. This could take years.

And then comes August. Nothing really hits me as a "must-see" in August. Maybe that will all change when I start seeing trailers for the late summer films. But for now, I'll focus on those first three months. Happy viewing kids!

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