Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Idol: Seven

A couple things to start: First, I feel like I've gotten too nice in my grading system. Like I'm afraid I'll hurt someone's feelings if I give them below a five in my ten point scale. New plan, if it sucks, 1; if it's just okay, 2; if it's average, 3; if it's great, 4; if it blows my mind and I can't help but rewind the DVR to hear it again, 5. No more of this 10 point crap. Second, I can't help but feel like I'm saying the same things in my critiques week after week. Maybe I can't get any better with the critiques. Just listen to Randy for awhile, "It was pitchy in spots, just okay for me dawg." How many times will he say that tonight?

The gimmick this week? Mariah Carey.

David A - When You Believe
He definitely showed off his vocal range with this one. Hitting low notes, hitting falsetto notes. It wasn't bad. My biggest issue was the ad libbing. When he got to the chorus, he relied on the back up singers for the lyrics, while he held out an "Oh..." for several measures. The judges all loved it, but I'd kind of like to know that he knows the words. I'm sure he does, but I like some proof now and again. 4.

Carly - Without You
Up until the end, I was kind of bored with it. I think she had the potential to do better with it. But then she didn't show it. 3.

Syesha - Vanishing
It was a little pitchy for me dawg. She did okay with it, but it was just okay. She was flat in a few spots. She didn't really take off with it until close to the end. 2.

Brooke - Hero
Well I liked it. I'm not gonna sit here and say it was flawless, but I thought she did a very good job. The thing I like about Brooke is that she tends to put a lot of herself in her performances. 4.

Kristy Lee - Forever
I think that might have been her best performance all season. That could be just my opinion. Might not be the best of the night, but I think it's right up there. 4.

David C - Always Be My Baby
Okay, I have to say I'm impressed. That was awesome. I wasn't sure what he was gonna do with this. Blew it out of the water. 5.

Jason - I Don't Wanna Cry
Maybe it's 'cause he's going last. Maybe it's 'cause he's following what was definitely the best of the night. It really wasn't great. 3.

My bottom three tonight are Jason, Syesha, and Carly. Syesha will be going home. See you tomorrow night kids.

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  1. Let me start with "wow,wow,wow and holy cow! I totally agree with you. Jason was awesome! Good call there Mr Critic.