Tuesday, April 01, 2008

American Idol: Nine

It's Dolly Parton night. With special guest artist, Dolly Parton. Coincidence? I think not. Ryan starts off the evening with an unbelievable April Fool's joke. And when I say unbelievable, I mean, it just wasn't believable. I didn't buy it from the moment it started. Nice try.

Brooke - Jolene
I'm a fan of Brooke White. Win or lose, she's probably one whose album I'll buy, or at least download from iTunes. But there's not really anything that's jumping out at me with tonight's performance. She's strumming the guitar, she's singing just fine. It's just kind of bland. Nothing incredibly memorable. 7.

David C. - Little Sparrow
He sounded a little off in his session with Dolly. It'll be interesting to see what he does with a country song when it's for real. The high note was better on stage than in the studio, so that's a plus. He's actually doing a really good job. Could it be that David Cook is growing on me? Stranger things have happened. 9.

Ramiele - Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
Dolly said this is a good song choice for her. I have to disagree. I'm hearing more of her backup than of her through most of the song. And as she moves around, she seems to be running out of breath and struggling with staying on pitch. It's an improvement from last week, but only a slight improvement. 6.

Jason - Travelin'
Again behind the guitar, Jason's doing a pretty good job. Once again, not his best performance, but I think it's better than last week. I think it's about average for him. 7.

Carly - Here You Come Again
This is a good song to showcase her voice. She starts off pretty strong. Very not bad. 8.

David A. - Smokey Mountain Memories
I think this performance puts him back up to the level he was at several weeks ago. I mean, pre-Top 12. Back when he did Imagine. I'm putting him up there with the other David as best of the night. 9.

Kristy Lee - The Coat of Many Colors
Country seems to be where this girl is comfortable, but I'm not incredibly impressed with her. Yet again. She wasn't showing that she was feeling the song. I know I'm the last person to harp on someone not emoting while they sing, but I'm also not vying for the title of American Idol. She did good, but not great. 7.

Syesha - I Will Always Love You
She has got some brass picking this song. But you know what, she pulled it off well. Very well. I thought that long note near the end may have gone a bit sharp, but overall it's a great rendition. Going with an 8.

Michael - (not sure of the title)
I actually like this arrangement. Kind of has a bluesy feel to it. Not the best of the night, but it's pretty close. 8.

Best of the night goes to the Davids. Who should be worried? Ramiele, Kristy, and Jason... with Ramiele going home. I picked her to go last week, didn't work out that way. See you back here tomorrow.

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