Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol: Four Left

I really just want to skip to the eliminations, but there's an hour of time to fill. I don't feel like writing about all the crap that comes before it. So I'm just going to sit here and watch the show. And when Seacrest decides to start revealing the top three or the bottom two or whatever he's doing this week, then I'll throw in my two cents.

Then again, I might comment on the stupidity of the Ford commercial this week. That just depends on how stupid it is. Oh, and I really need to say something about the Neil Diamond medley at the beginning of the show. It's really, I wanna say, bad. There's nothing good about it. Not a thing. Everyone's off. No one is completely on key, they're not blending well, and there's just an overall bad vibe to it. What's wrong with these people this week? You're the top five! Act like it!

After clearing up the "Paula was high last night" rumors, Ryan calls out Jason. He is safe this week. Which just tells me that the girls are bottom two. But he calls Archuleta out next. As if there's any doubt. He's safe. Punk.

The other David is out next and is safe. Brooke and Syesha come out together. And then Ryan tries to play up some kind of "suspense" by telling them to sit on the couch with the others, 'cause there's more filler to deal with for another half hour. Forgive me if you don't hear from me 'til then.

And I'm back. But Brooke won't be. It's okay though, 'cause at this point, she's all but guaranteed a music career. So I really don't feel bad for people who get voted off this late in the show. Fifth place ain't bad. Okay kids, I'm done.

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