Tuesday, April 08, 2008

American Idol: Eight

It's time, once again, for American Idol. Tonight's blog post is sponsored by Coke, mostly because I'm drinking one while I'm watching the show. Before the performances begin, Ryan explains that this is a three night Idol week. Tonight are performances, tomorrow night is the Idol Gives Back event, Thursday will be the results. I probably won't post about Idol Gives Back tomorrow night. We'll see. This week's theme is "inspirational."

Michael - Dream On
He started off kind of weak and sounded somewhat unsure of himself. When the song picked up, so did he. Big risk in hitting the extreme high/screaming notes at the end. Might have worked for him, might not. Not great. 7.

Syesha - I Believe
When she said that this was a song by Fantasia, I was predisposed to not like it. Because I never liked Fantasia. I've said before that I really don't think she should've won season 3. But that's in the past. I will say, Syesha did a fantastic job and did a much better job with this song than did Fantasia. I liked it. 8.

Jason - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Disclaimer: this is not the Judy Garland/Katherine McPhee version. And who knew Jason could play the ukulele? He did a pretty good job with it. The judges all loved it. I have to agree. 9.

Kristy - Anyway
She picked a country song, which puts her in her element. She sounded slightly flat in a couple places. Overall she pulls it off very well. 8.

David C. - Innocent
I can't put my finger on it, but something seems a little off. I don't know if it's the song choice or what. It's not as good as last week. I mean, he did a good job, but it seemed kind of weak compared to the past few weeks. Pretty average if you ask me. 7.

Carly - Show Must Go On
She was in her element with this song. Through most of the song she did a very good job. I thought toward the end there was a flat spot. But mostly good. 8.

David A. - Angels
He's playing the piano. This might be the first time we've seen the kid accompany himself. Am I wrong about that? There seemed to be a couple spots that he was unsure of himself. I'm not sure if that's because of the piano or the song. The ending was pretty good though. Another 8.

Brooke - You've Got a Friend
I'm surprised she's not playing the piano on this one. I was almost expecting to be blown away by this. Anything by Carole King I think would be right up Brooke's alley. She did a very good job, but not spectacular. 8 again.

Best of the night goes to Jason. My bottom three: Michael, Kristy, and David C. That's just based on my numbers. Kristy is probably going home this week. I know... I've said that before. It's getting hard to pick the bottom three at this point. Competition's heating up kids. Stay tuned.

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