Wednesday, April 02, 2008

American Idol: Eight Left

For a few weeks, I haven't posted anything based on the Wednesday night results show. But I have received a couple of requests for results comments. And when I say a couple, I mean two exactly. I figured, why not? What else am I gonna do on Wednesday night? I'm watching it anyway.

The top nine start the evening by singning 9 to 5. They do a fairly mediocre job of things. It probably doesn't help that my digital cable is skipping. What's up with that? Did Time Warner scratch the reception?

Next up is the obligatory flashback to last night. I'm not sure what the point of this is. Week in and week out, they recap what happened on Tuesday night. But there's no reason to do this. We can't see someone's performance and then suddenly realize, "Oh no, I should've voted for that guy!" It's too late. Votes are in. No tomorrow for one of the contestants.

Now we begin to reveal the bottom three. A process that will take the next 40 minutes. Of course, the three will be split up between a performance by Dolly and a plug for Idol Gives Back, coming soon to an American Idol near you.

Only we didn't reveal any of the bottom three. The first three called out are all safe. This year they've started doing this phone-in question thing. I haven't decided if I like this or not. I guess it's a good way to get to know the contestants a little better. And I guess it's better filler than faux suspense and extra commercials.

The Clark Brothers, winners of The Next Great American Band, are performing now. I didn't watch that show. Kinda not sorry I missed it. 'Cause I don't think these guys are really that good. So if they won, how sorry were the other groups? Okay, I'll give it to the instrumentalists, I'm impressed. But vocally, the lead singer isn't that great. He wouldn't have made it on Idol.

Okay, and now I just have to laugh. The Ford commercial this week is done with It's Tricky. Classic. Doesn't that seem a bit odd, being that this is country week?

Back to the results. David Cook is brought out on stage to let everyone know that he's okay. See, he was taken to the hospital last night after his performance. Apparently he has high blood pressure. Good thing he's safe, he could've been on life support if sent to the stools.

Ramiele is the first in the bottom three. Kristy just came out... and she's so pessimistic. It's almost depressing. I mean, I think she's bottom three too. But have some respect for yourself girl. I was right, by the way. Kristy is the second of the bottom three.

Before more results, we revisit former contestants Bucky Covington, Phil Stacey, and Bo Bice. All three are living in the Nashville area and enjoying varying forms of success. Apparently we'll be seeing more of these former contestants over the next few weeks. Results again... Syesha is safe, leaving Brooke and Jason to be tormented. I really think Brooke is safe, but I've been wrong before. And I was wrong just now. The bottom three are Kristy, Ramiele, and Brooke.

Dolly sings. And I still say that the judges should critique the legends that show up on here. Remember when Diana Ross was on the Idol stage last year? It was bad. But Simon didn't say a word. He's probably not allowed to. I guess if the producers are paying these folks to come sing and mentor the contestants, we don't want their feelings hurt if they have a bad night. Sidebar: Dolly's getting old.

Brooke has been sent to the sofas. Kristy is safe for another week. Ramiele is going home. Or to the sequestor house, whatever they do on here. I can't believe I got one right. I thought I was off my game this season. I mean, it's not that I'm happy that this kid got kicked off. I feel sorry for her, really. But hey, silver lining: I was right!

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  1. thank you.

    Kristy Lee Cook has GOT to go. She can't sing with her head straight. For real .. watch her next week. She has to tilt her head to the right (her right) and then angle her chin up. EVERY SINGLE TIME. It's the only way she can sing.

    plus she's not good.

    J E N