Thursday, April 10, 2008

Amerian Idol: Seven Left

We begin the show with the obligatory recap of last night's Idol Gives Back. And then the eight remaining finalists perform Shout to the Lord, which was the closing number last night. There was a difference from last night's performance though. The first line, which tonight was as originally written ("My Jesus, my Savior"), last night was sung, "My shepherd, my savior..."

Okay, I didn't really watch it last night. I recorded it, then watched bits and pieces of it this morning. Most of it, though, I fast-forwarded. And my DVR shut it off before the end, so I'm not real sure how much of it I never even had the chance to see. I'm pretty sure it cut off at some point before Mariah Carey performed. Whenever that was.

And now, let the torture begin. First we see Brooke. She's safe. That means she'll be missing her sister's wedding this weekend. So bittersweet. Next is David C. I know I put him in the bottom three, simply based on Tuesday's performance, which I thought was sub-par for him. But I'm sure I'm wrong, because he's so well-loved and adored by all. Of course he's safe. David A. is next. Come on, you know he's safe. It's kind of annoying how safe I know he is.

If I've done the math right, that leaves five backstage. And only two of them are safe for sure. Okay, that statement didn't make any sense. Four of them are safe for sure. They just won't be sure until the last few minutes of the show.

After some more Idol Gives Back leftovers, Jordin Sparks sings, then Jason gets word that he's safe. Three of the next four are the bottom of the barrel. Kristy Lee is next. Kristy is safe. Wow... so the last three are the last three. Syesha, Carly, and Michael are the bottom three.

Syesha and Carly are safe. Michael will be going home. A lot of people seem shocked by that. I'm not too shocked. He is, after all, the only one in the bottom three that I picked in my bottom three. But hey, 8th place isn't bad after how many thousands tried out? Come back tomorrow for the question of the week.

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