Saturday, March 01, 2008

What I Want

Ladies and gentlemen in cyberspace, this coming Thursday is my birthday. Now, don't panic. I know you just read that and are thinking, "His birthday is in less than a week and I haven't a clue what to get him as a gift!" Well fear not, because listed below are 10 items that should help get those idea gears turning.

1. A Sharp Aquos LCD television - I'm thinking something in the 30+ inch range.

2. Lost, Season 3 - Some DVDs to add to the collection.

3. A case of IBC Cherry Limeaids - Please keep in mind that this is specifically the IBC brand of cherry limeaid. They are hard to find. There are, of course, other brands of cherry limeaids on the market, but they're just not as good. I will, however, settle for a large cherry limeaid from Sonic in lieu of the IBCs.

4. An iPod - Something with enough memory to hold my entire music library. I want to get rid of my CDs.

5. Cash - Nothing says "happy birthday" like good, old-fashioned money.

6. 10 minutes with Carrie Underwood - Get your mind out of the gutter. I just want to meet her. I figure 10 minutes is enough time for her to fall for me. Scratch that, five minutes should be enough. I'm pretty darn charming.

7. A kiss from a beautiful woman - Maybe I can tie this one in with number 6 if I play my cards right.

8. A trip to a Yankees game - Obviously this is to be experienced at a later time. But sometime before the Yankees move. I'd like to experience Yankee Stadium one more time.

9. A Cinnamon Sensation from Macado's

10. A birthday card - Preferably the kind that plays music when you open it. This alone would probably make my day.

So there's my list. Get crackin' kids! There are only 5 more shopping days 'til Aaron's birthday!

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