Monday, March 24, 2008


I'm a procrastinator. I'm pretty sure it's something I could do professionally if it were an actual job. The problem is, if procrastinating was a job, I'd never get a paycheck, 'cause chances are, the folks in payroll are procrastinators too.

I had all of Easter Break to study for an upcoming Hebrew exam. It's an exam that tests my knowledge of all the vocabulary that I've had to learn since the beginning of last semester. That's twenty chapters. Well over 600 words.

Did I use my week out of class wisely? Of course not. I went to Charlotte to hang out with my friends. I had a good time. It wasn't a completely brain dead few days though, I did make up flash cards for the words. I just didn't study them.

Until now.

Tomorrow at 11:30am I have to take this test. A test that will include 25 of these 600 words. It could be anything. So tonight, I will consume copious amounts of caffeine and flash card myself until my eyes will not stay open any longer. In the morning when I wake up (if I fall asleep at all), I will go to my early class. Then I'll come back to my house and study some more. And then, I'll go take this exam.

This too shall pass. I just hope I do too.

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