Thursday, March 20, 2008

Omelet Shoppe Confessions: Creepy Night Guard

Step back in time with me to another trip to the Omelet Shoppe. Through a haze of time travel and cigarette smoke, you'll see the Creepy Night Guard.

As an establishment that stays open 24/7, the Omelet Shoppe saw it's share of hooligans and ruffians (some of whom you'll hear about in a later post). As a result of these (often drunk) trouble makers, the Omelet Shoppe kept a night guard on retainer. This is the Creepy Night Guard.

Picture a tall, skinny guy in his early to mid-fifties. Now picture him with a lazy eye and a permanent crooked smirk. And don't forget to have the smell of cigarettes, that's crucial to the old Omelet Shoppe memories.

This man would make rounds in the dining area every half hour or so. The way he would eyeball people as he walked by the tables just sent chills down our collective spines.

When I remember him, I think of him as a Vietnam war vet with PTSD who never really left the war. It seemed like every time he turned a corner he was looking for Charlie. And I'm pretty sure he was packing heat. There was a part of me that felt safer knowing there was security on site. There was a bigger part of me that was really scared.

Creepy Night Guard, I salute you.

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