Sunday, March 16, 2008

Legends of the Bank Teller - Episode X

Immediately after joining my branch, I noticed that it gets quiet in there. It gets quiet a lot. There's something missing, and I don't mean customers. It's missing music.

Personally, I keep my accounts at a rival bank, but I've noticed in their lobby, they have a TV with one of the news channels on at all times. And this is along with the music playing in the lobby speakers. The branch that I work in has none of these things.

Well, we have a TV in the break room that picks up only one channel. That channel happens to be the one that shows nothing but court shows all day. If Dad could see me now.

This past Wednesday, I asked our branch manager if I would be allowed to bring in a small radio and plug it in near my work area. She seemed to be okay with this, as long as it was set on a station that didn't play offensive music and wasn't played too loud. These terms were agreeable.

Then came the catch. She feels that our work stations are all cluttered. She wants that to be cleaned up a bit. Some of the others, I can go along with that to a certain extent. There does seem to be an excess of papers lying around in some places. But I looked at my area and felt that my work area wasn't cluttered. I'll admit I have a lot of things around my counter, but they're things I use regularly throughout the day: deposit tickets, withdrawal slips, loan payment forms, etc.

Is she suggesting I put these forms somewhere else? The only readily accessable place would be one of my drawers, but I only have three of them. Everyone else gets multiple drawers where they work, but since I'm at the window, I have only three. One for my cash drawer, one for excess cash, and one for coin (which I do keep some extra tickets in). But there's just not room for anything else.

How about this: instead of getting rid of the paperwork I need, I could get rid of the telephone. I could get rid of my computer. That would make work a little difficult, but so would running into the back room everytime I need a deposit ticket. Seriously, do you have any idea how many people drive up to the window and buzz for a deposit ticket because they were too lazy to fill one out before they got there?

That was harsh. I shouldn't have said "lazy." I should have simply said they didn't have the presence of mind to get their affairs in order before they came out to do their business.

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