Friday, March 28, 2008

Late Again

It's after midnight. I'm done apologizing for the nights that I post late. It's gonna happen from time to time. I'm a busy man. Okay, I'm only kind of busy occasionally. Tonight was one of those nights.

Each Thursday I participate in a home group Bible study at the Greenehouse. When I pulled into the driveway this evening, their youngest son met me at the car and asked why I was wearing my "beach clothes." I didn't consider shorts and a short sleeved shirt "beach clothes," but I'll go with it. It was very warm today. Kind of like spring. Hence the shorts and short sleeved shirt. And the sandals.

Not long after I arrived, I was asked to go pick up some chocolate icing from the store. No problem doing this favor, seeing as how they let me do laundry at their house tonight. I was in the store for maybe five minutes. When I came out, there was a shopping cart right in front of my car. You know where the cart return was? About 10 feet from my car. I mean, that's just inconsiderate.

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