Thursday, March 06, 2008

Another Day Older

Today was the 28th anniversary of my birth. What did I do to mark the occasion? I'm glad you asked.

I slept late, because due to an online exam, my 7:30 class was canceled. I kind of enjoyed that. Until about 8 when my internal clock decided it was time to wake up. So I got up, ate some breakfast (powdered donuts and milk), then got ready for Hebrew.

In Hebrew I found out that I did better on my last exam than I thought I did, with a chance to improve even more. After that, I went back home to relax. But then I remembered, I have that online Church History exam to take. So I did that... then I relaxed.

Relaxing included an online game of Scrabble with Nicole, in which I was able to use the word "waxy" to obtain 34 points. I guess being 28 years old comes with an improved intellect. Didn't see that coming. Maybe it'll mean I did well on that exam I had just taken.

Every Thursday I participate in a Bible study at the Greenehouse with a group from church. Tonight they helped me celebrate my birthday with a Superman cake, some cards that played sound (they must have read my list) and a bunch of helium filled balloons. I had some pictures, but our good friends at Blogger won't let me upload them for some reason.

So to those who sent text messages, e-cards, MySpace and Facebook comments, thanks for making today special.

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