Tuesday, March 11, 2008

American Idol: Top Twelve

Apparently, this is where the competition really heats up. And we're shown new graphics at the beginning. And we're shown a new set. Seems kind of big. The band is in a balcony behind the stage. This is gonna take some getting used to. Tonight the singers will be singing from the Lennon/McCartney library. That's pretty awesome.

Syesha Mercado - Got to Get You Into My Life
She seems a little off here and there. It's almost like it's too low for her starting off. I think if the song was a little more in her range, she'd be doing better with it. So should I just blame the arrangement? Some of her embellishments seem misplaced as well. 7.

Chikezie - She's a Woman
This is different. But I think I like it. And then it kicks up to eleven. Wow, get it Chikezie. I'll be honest, I went into his performance not expecting much and he blew that out of the water. That's a two-timer (I'm gonna rewind and hear that one again). Shock and awe. 10.

Ramiele Malubay - In My Life
She starts a little off but gets on track quickly. So far I'm not impressed. There's nothing that stands out about this performance. She's got a good voice. She wouldn't have made it this far if she didn't (I think). But there's just no wow factor. Maybe it's the fact that she's following that amazing surprise from Chikezie. They probably should have put Chikezie before a commercial. Because after what he did, anything else that follows is kind of forgettable. It's not fair to Ramiele. 7.

Jason Castro - If I Fell
He's back with the guitar this week. He's definitely comfortable with the guitar and this is a great song for him. Some of the falsetto is iffy, but for the most part he pulls it off. Not his best performance, but worth at least an 8.

Carly Smithson - Come Together
Not bad at all. Nice little modern spin on a classic. I like it. Not the best of the night, but definitely the best of the women thus far. 8.

David Cook - Eleanor Rigby
This is possibly my favorite Beatles song, so I really hope he does it right. Again, it's not bad, but not great. I mean, he rocks it pretty good. And his ending note is nice. It started out kind of rough, but he picked it up as he got going. Might be worth a 9.

Brooke White - Let It Be
This is another favorite of mine. Brooke's playing the piano. She's another one who shows that she's very comfortable with the instrument. I don't think this is her best performance, but still very good. 8.

David Hernandez - I Saw Her Standing There
First let me say, no one can top Dustin Hoffman's performance of this song in Rain Man. David is certainly not winning any competitions with this song. He sounds like he's all over the place and keeps running out of breath. I don't think he's doing very good tonight. 6. And honestly, I think I'm being generous with that.

Amanda Overmyer - You Can't Do That
I always feel like I'm biased against Amanda, but it's because I don't like her voice. She just doesn't do anything for me. She can perform though. She has good stage presence and she puts a lot of herself into the songs she sings. She's gotta get points for having heart. Just because I don't particularly like the way her voice sounds, doesn't mean she's doing a bad job out there. I'm going with an 8.

Michael Johns - Across the Universe
I've noticed it a few times tonight and over the last few weeks: the waving of the hands in the air. I don't get it. He's taking a slow song that could have been potentially boring and he's doing a great job with it. He's putting a lot of himself and his emotion into singing this song. Solid 8.

Kristy Lee Cook - Eight Days a Week
Before she starts, she says she's making it a country song. Will the risk pay off? Chikezie's risk really paid off. I think she's doing a good job, but I don't like the arrangement. I understand the desire to take a risk with it and make it memorable, but I'm not sure this is the way to go. I think she's singing better than she has in past weeks. Until the end... didn't really care for that last note. 7.

David Archuleta - We Can Work It Out
Coming into this I have high expectations for this kid. He's already done a John Lennon song and he did it well. So, what's he gonna do tonight? Starting off a little low for his range. And I'm fairly certain he flubbed the lyrics there. He's obviously not comfortable with this song. Another lyric loss. This performance is all over the place kid. 5.

What a week. One of the worst shot up to best of the night. One of the best slumped down to worst of the night. Does this mean I think David A. is going home this week? Absolutely not. He's got enough of a fanbase to carry him several more weeks. Who should be worried? My bottom three are Kristy Lee, David Hernandez, and Ramiele Malubay. And Chikezie is definitely getting my vote tonight. Fantastic. If you Tivo'd tonight, go back and watch his performance again.

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