Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Idol: Ten

I love the Beatles, I do. But two weeks of the Lennon/McCartney library was a bit much. I think even the contestants got bored with it. Because they were all, for the most part, below their normal performance standards. I'm not sure what causes that kind of thing. Maybe tonight will be better. The songs come from the year in which the contestants were born.

Ramiele - Alone
Immediately she'll be compared to Carrie Underwood, who blew this out of the water about this time three years back. On the low notes she's a little shaky. And she's flat when she hits the chorus. This is really not good for her. Not a good song choice at all. Her voice is not powerful enough for this one. I'm sorry kid, it was bad. 3. Okay, they're saying she's sick. Tough. I'll give her a 4 instead.

Jason - Fragile
This is a good song for him, but slightly boring. Any time this dude can sit behind his guitar and sing, it's a good move. I think he'll make a great acoustic performer. I can see him in coffeehouses and student activity centers across the country. Does he really have what it takes to win it all though? If he stays with the low key stuff like he's been doing, he's just staying in his comfort zone. Good not great. 7.

Syesha - If I Were Your Woman
If she can perform like she did last week and do it consistently, she might win this whole thing. And usually the slow songs get boring, but she's displaying her voice very well. Very powerful. I need to hear everyone else tonight, but I think I have a new favorite in the competition. 10.

Chikezie - If Only For One Night
He's not blowing me away like he did a couple weeks ago. Could be the song choice. It's slow, a little boring. From what I can tell though, he's hitting all his notes, getting all his words. Again, good not great. 7.

Brooke - Every Breath You Take
Gasp... She stumbled at the very beginning. I guess that would be a false start. She started singing before her hands started playing the piano. Once she gets going though, it's pretty good. How much will that hurt her in the eyes of the voting public though? She's as comfortable with 88 keys as Jason is with six strings. She hasn't allowed the flub at the beginning to affect the rest of her performance, which is usually a good sign. She knows she messed up though. Overall I liked it. 8.

Michael - We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions
Honestly, it's nothing spectacular. I'm sure he's still got the over 40 crowd. He probably made a smart move by not hitting the high not in We Are the Champions but some of his other notes were still a bit off. Again, good not great. The band displayed more of their talent than he did vocally. 7. I think I'm alone in that opinion though.

Carly - Total Eclipse of the Heart
My first complaint is that she's not blending well with her back-ups. Or they're not blending well with her. Which I suppose is how it really should be. But Carly is doing a good job. She was powerful when she needed to be. Not her best performance, but still pretty good. 8.

David A. - You're the Voice
I'm not sure about this. I don't think this was a good song choice for him. The beginning was dull. The middle was boring. The end got slightly elevatd, but not great. I think this kid had a couple good weeks early on, but he's not showing us anything spectacular these days. 7.

Kristy Lee - God Bless the USA
Ah, patriotic song. Well played Kristy Lee Cook. So far this is leaps and bounds better than her last two or three performances. She loses a step at the key change. But overall it was pretty good. I'll give her a 7. Go USA!

David C. - Billy Jean
I'd never heard this version of this song. It's interesting. Over the last few weeks David has kind of impressed me. He's getting a little better with each performance. It'll be interesting to see how far he goes in this thing. 9.

Best of the night? Without question, Syesha. Bottom three? Kristy Lee, Ramiele, and Chikezie. If it's based on tongiht's performance, Ramiele will be going home. But since Kristy has been on the block several times already, her fan base may be gone. We'll find out tomorrow night.

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