Tuesday, March 04, 2008

American Idol: 8 Guys

Oh yes, it's 80s night.

I love 80s music. I might be singing along with the show tonight. I'll probably be disappointed when the songs are cut short as they always are at this stage of the competition.

Luke Menard - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
You know what, this guy should probably have gone home last week. And his performance of this song isn't convincing me otherwise. I could SingStar circles around this chump. Especially when he attempted to hit that falsetto note. Please. It just sounds bad. As in not good. As in not good enough to be in the top 12. That's a 5. Maybe a 4. Boo.

David Archuleta - Another Day in Paradise
Here's last week's winner. Seriously, if it was over after he sang Imagine, he'd have been the winner. Tonight he's accompanying himself on piano. Impressive kid. He's done an excellent job. I'll say, not as good as last week, but still very good. 9.

Danny Noriega - Tainted Love
I really don't like this arrangement. And I still don't like this chick. I mean guy. Was that mean? TOUGH! He still looks like Jessica Alba. I think he's doing it on purpose. I really didn't like the arrangement of that song. And I like that song. I already said I like the 80s. He was off key in a few spots. But he'll probably get the votes to get through next week. Say hello to your next Sanjaya Malakar. 6. By the way, thank you for introducing the world to the next annoying aspect of our fallen culture: TMTH.

David Hernandez - It's All Coming Back to Me Now
Celine Dion covered this in the 90s. Good times. Now, when they're doing the interviews about their most embarassing moments, I was sure this dude would talk about how this week it came out that he was a stripper at a gay bar. I mean, that would be embarassing for me. Maybe he's cool with it. He's not doing bad with the song. Probably been a rough week for him considering. I'd say average, so I'm only going with the 7.

Michael Johns - Don't You Forget About Me
Another karaoke classic. I'm sorry, I know this guy has a lot of fans out there. I work with a few of them. But I think he's gotten steadily worse over the past few weeks. He's on the decline. He didn't do horribly tonight, but it's not as good as last week, which wasn't as good as the week before. 7.

David Cook - Hello
I thought he should've gone home last week. Am I losing my touch? Well, he's playing the electric guitar again. I didn't think it worked well for him last week. And yet... here he is again. Dude... you just can't turn Lionel Richie into a rock ballad. You can't! The judges seem to like it. But you know what? I don't. I'm apalled. 6.

Jason Castro - Hallelujah
This song is featured in the first Shrek movie and is my favorite song on the soundtrack. One of the groomsmen sang this at Andy's wedding. For most of the song he does a good job. A little shaky at the very end. But overall very good. Great song. 9.

Chikezie - More Love Than I'll Ever Need
He's got some pitch issues here and there. But overall it's pretty decent. That might save him for another week. 7.

I'm disappointed with the guys' 80s night. There was nary a Journey song, and it was quite upsetting. Maybe one of the girls will pull it out. So who do I think is going home from this group of guys? I say Luke and Chikezie. But like I said, Chikezie's performance tonight might have saved him for another week. If that's the case, I'd sent home Danny. But I might have lost my mojo. The dark side clouds everything. My vote, once again, goes to David Archuleta.

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  1. ok you are SO SO wrong about David Cook. His arrangement of Hello was phenomenal. He managed to take that song and make it completely relevant to today. Did I just say relevant? I must be turning into Paula. Anyway, Luke needs to G O. Danny Noriega either needs to find that one song to spur him on or get out. He's getting too much attitude and I can't take his way too feminine stature anymore. ALSO have you noticed that David Hernandez just HAS to dance at every performance? I don't mean the one he's singing if you watch him every time someone else is on the stage he's doing his dance ... dare i say .. his stripper dance. Oh yeah and I love Jason Castro. The end.

    JEN H