Wednesday, March 05, 2008

American Idol: 8 Gals

Oh yes, it's ladies' 80's night. I need to stop that. Seriously.

Asia'h Epperson - I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Ballsy move to go with a Whitney Houston song. The judges are always iffy with anyone who tries to follow in her footsteps. Or Mariah. Or Christina. Or Celine. Those seem to be the big ones. Asia'h is doing okay. Nothing showstopping or anything. There are a couple off notes. Overall not bad though. She's safe in the next round. 8.

Kady Malloy - Who Wants to Live Forever
She probably should've gone home last week. And she probably knows it. My question is, can she prove that America made the right decision? She did better than last week. A couple problems here and there. I'll go with a 7 this week.

Amanda Overmyer - I Hate Myself For Loving You
Once again, I just don't like her voice. I'd like to think that it's really nothing personal. I just don't like the way her voice sounds. I know it's the kind of voice that really does it for some people. And that's not to say she's not doing really well with this song. Just because I don't happen to like her doesn't mean she's doing a bad job. 8.

Carly Smithson - I Drove All Night
So far, this is the best performance of the night. I don't have anything bad to say about it. 9.

Kristy Lee Cook - Faithfully
Okay, the fact that she's singing Journey makes me like her even more than I did before. Thank you Kristy for pulling out some Journey. I was waiting for it last night and didn't get any. Here it is! Freakin' awesome! She's giving it a bit of a country twang. I like this girl and I like Journey. She did a good job with it. 8.

Ramiele Malubay - Against All Odds
This sounds a little more like the Mariah Carey version than Phil Collins. But that's okay. It's a very good song and she's proven again and again that she has a great voice. She gets an 8 tonight.

Brooke White - Love Is a Battlefield
I'll be honest, I really like this girl. She's been consistent from week to week. She's kind of doing an unplugged version of this song and it's working for her. I'm actually giving her a 10. Worth rewinding and listening again.

Syesha Mercado - Saving All My Love
Another Whitney song. I don't think she's delivering as well as Asia'h did at the beginning of the show. She's doing pretty good, but I've heard her do better. 7.

Who should be worried? You know, the girls really brought it tonight. Overall they were pretty good. It's hard to pick two who stand out as the ones who should be going home. I'll say Kady and Syesha should be worried. But I've been wrong before. And I'm sure I'll be wrong again. I'm voting for Brooke though, 'cause that was just awesome. I might vote for Kristy too... 'cause she sang Journey... yeah.

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