Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Riddle Me This

Time to start answering questions. I only got seven questions, so seven answers won't be that hard to come up with. I thought I'd be able to stretch this out for awhile, but it doesn't look like that will happen. So here they are, in the order in which they were received.

Tiffany asks: Does it sometimes annoy you when people ask you to do one of your impressions? Especially since many are from the BC days?
It absolutely does not annoy me when people ask me to do an impression. Especially if it's a popular one from the BC days. I know I act all embarassed when someone asks me to pull out a Brak line or a little Harry Caray, but it's just that. An act. I'm not really embarassed. I mean really, who doesn't like to be the center of attention, even if for just a little while. Sure, doing an impression of Tobey Maguire doing an impression of Keanu Reeves on SNL is wholly unoriginal, but that's just me. I am unoriginal.

Brandy asks: What do you miss most about me?
Brandy, what I miss most is the same thing I miss about a lot of my Bluefield friends. So many of you guys became like a family to me during those four (or five) years. So I miss those good times: BSU, the Omelet Shoppe, mission trips, vent sessions in the cafeteria, scathing sarcasm... good times. I do not, however, miss the sheer volume of bruises I would receive from you and several Alpha Delta girls in response to my own scathing sarcastic remarks.

Brandy also asks: What is your favorite song lyric?
Nicole is wrong. While "We Built This City" is a great song in its own right, none of they lyrics have truly touched me on a personal level. The correct answer to this question is a line from Andrew Peterson's "Faith to Be Strong."
Give us faith to be strong
Give us strength to be faithful
This life is not long, but it's hard
Give us grace to go on
Make us willing and able
Lord, give us faith to be strong

Amber asks: If someone gave you 100,000 dollars and said it was yours to do whatever you want with it....one catch...you couldn't spend any on yourself..... what would you do with it?
Hmmm... I can't spend it on myself? Not even a little? Okay, I'd give it to my mom. She retired last March, but is still working. I mean, she's not working the 40+ hour weeks she used to work, but she's not really able to enjoy retirement the way I know she would want to. So I figure 100 grand would help out in that area. Maybe she'd be able to travel a little more, or do all those crafty things she talked about doing "someday" when I was a kid.

Bryce asks: When are you going to get married?
Okay, you're starting to sound like my mother. I'm kidding. But seriously, I just don't know the answer to that question. Honestly, marriage isn't even a blip on my radar at this time. The obvious reason for that is that I don't have a girlfriend. The other reason is, if I got married, I'd have to change the title of this blog. I'd have to change it to "The Married Guy." That just doesn't have the same ring to it.

50 Percent asks: What would you do with a million dollars?
To answer this question, I turn to my friends the Barenaked Ladies:

50 Percent also asks: Is it true that you are scared of peanut butter like small children of scared of the boogie man.....girl
My secret shame is revealed. I mean, it's not like I go hide under the covers whenever peanut butter enters the room. It just freaks me out the way it sticks to the roof of your mouth, and no matter what you do, you can't get away from it. What really scares me is when you smell it before you see it. You just know it's there.

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  1. Our Omelet Shoppe is now known as the Omelet Stop which is uber lame. Plus when I read the answer to the peanut butter question, I got the best mental picture of a jar of peanut butter walking into the room. Thanks for that!