Saturday, February 16, 2008

Legends of the Bank Teller - Episode VI

Today was my first Saturday shift. From 9am to 1pm I dealt with clients trying to get all their banking done before the Monday holiday. And wow, were we busy.

Panic mode didn't set in with me until about noon, when I realized that I was running very short on cash in my drawer. This makes cashing checks very difficult. Actually, when all you have are ones, fives, and tens, it makes cashing checks next to impossible.

So, once I was completely out of large bills, I announced that I could take anyone with a deposit. One person raised their hand. One... out of a line of about 20 customers. After I finished that transaction, I made the same announcement, this time adding "loan payments" to my list of things I could do. Then a lady in line asked, "Are you a notary?"

"No... I can't notarize... I'm pretty much useless now." So those lucky people in line had to wait for the other two tellers to help them... while I sat there... looking really dumb. But hey, I survived my first Saturday at the bank. Good times.

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