Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm the One Askin' the Questions

Today I'm introducing a new segment of the blog: The Question of the Week. Each Friday I'll ask a different question, which you may choose to answer in the comments section, located below each post. I'll answer my own question in the actual post. I figure this is a decent way for you to get to know the guy writing this thing a little better. And maybe it'll be a way for me to get to know some of the anonymous folks who show up here from time to time.

This week's question involves that popular game show, Deal or No Deal. If you were to make it on the show, what case would you pick? And what three people would you take as your support system?

I'm not real sure what number I'd pick. I'm inclined to say number 4, but that's 'cause the model that holds that one is my favorite. Then again, I should probably pick any number but 4, and keep her around the longest. And the three people I'd take? There are lots of people I'd want to have there with me, but I'd have to go with Mark, Brandon, and Andy. I really am blessed with a lot of friends and family that would be great as support, but these guys would keep it fun for me. Any question I would have, I'm sure they'd have a line from a movie or SNL to get me back on track.

So those are my answers. Did I pick the wrong people to take with me? Should I have said you? Convince me.

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