Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Idol: 16 Left

It's the same thing every time they have an elimination. Really, this could be a half hour show. Well, 15 minutes. How long does it really take to tell four people their dream is dead? Well, I won't say dead. Actually, I will. And for a commentary on what happens to the folks that don't make the top 12, see last week's post. Who's going home this week? I wanna know. I don't want an hour of filler. Thank goodness for the DVR. Just let me say, I think I may be wrong about my picks this week.

Who's first? That would be Jason Yeager. Who's surprised by this one? I mean, I'm pretty sure he was about to cry after the verbal beating he got from the judges last night. I feel a little bad for him, but not much. You gotta step it up when America's voting. Give us something to talk about at the water cooler. That's one.

Next? Alexandrea Lushington... I was so wrong. Ryan narrowed it to her and Amanda. I'm sitting here thinking Amanda is the one going home. I hate being wrong! I thought Alexandrea did so much better than Amanda last night. But I didn't vote for her. Brooke got my vote last night, 'cause she was the best of them.

I'm pretty sure I'm wrong about Ramiele. Could it be Kady? She's kind of my back up pick to go home. Okay, definitely wrong about Ramiele, she's safe. Wow... big upset. Alaina Whitaker is going home. No freakin' way! She did awesome last week! I guess that shows what an off-night can do to you. Wow. I am blown away by this one. Last night wasn't her best performance, by any stretch of the imagination, but it was better than several of the other girls. America, I'm telling you, you got it wrong with the girls this week. I'll give you Ramiele, I admit I was wrong when I picked her to go home. But come on... Alaina and Alexandrea over Amanda and Kady? Come on America, step it up!

So who's the last to go home tonight? I picked David Cook as the last one. And I'm wrong. Luke and Robbie are on the block. Of these two, I think it'll be Luke Menard. Wow... another shocker. Robbie Carrico... going home. What the heck people? With people voting like this, I'm afraid of what sort of presidential election we'll see come November.

I have to go sleep this crap off! I'm going to my room!

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