Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American Idol: 12 Guys

Finally, we've reached the part of the season where America gets to choose in which direction the show will go. Tonight we have the guys singing, tomorrow we'll hear the girls. As I've done in seasons past, I'll rate the performances on a 10 point scale. I don't always agree with the judges, and you, the reader, will not always agree with me. But this is just the way I see it. Or hear it. So let's get started, shall we? It's 60s week. I'm glad they're doing the theme weeks from the start this year. A lot of positive changes for AI this year.

David Hernandez - In the Midnight Hour
This the guy that Simon said would have to work really hard if he wanted to have a chance at winning. I think he's got some talent, but I'm not sure about his song choice. At the end of the song he got off pitch a bit. Not perfect, but not horrible either. But hey, best performance of the night thus far. I give him a 7.

Chikezie - More Today Than Yesterday
He's only going with the first name these days, huh? Okay... he's singing a really slowed down, Barry White-ish version of this song. Chikezie has a good voice, but I just don't like this arrangement of the song. I know they're only given about a minute of time to blow people away, so they want to bring their own signature to the song. But this wasn't the way to do it. Better than David though. 8 from me.

David Cook - So Happy Together
I'm a little afraid at the beginning. He starts out really slow. It doesn't get better when he speeds it up. The chorus levels off, but I don't think I like his voice. Maybe that's just me. Again, with all the talent they've got on here this season, it's not that he's bad, I'm just not a fan. 5.

Jason Yeager - Moon River
So is Jason going to be painted as this season's crooner? I guess it's possible there will be another to sing this style tonight. I actually like this. He's done a good job with this song, he's not pushing or trying too hard. A solid 8.

Robbie Carrico - One
This guy has a bit of a Bo Bice look to him. Seems to be starting off a little shaky, could just be nerves. He gets more comfortable as the song progresses. Despite what I thought was an off beginning, I'm giving him a 9. I think he's the best so far tonight.

David Archuleta - You Better Shop Around
This is a soft-spoken kid, but from his auditions, he's shown that he's incredibly talented for his young age. Not sure if it's the song choice or just the key it's in, but it's too low for him. Based on past performances, I do agree that he's talented, but this was a bad pick for him. The end was a pretty good save. 8.

Danny Noriega - Jailhouse Rock
Elvis is a hard act to cover. But this kid is actually pulling it off. Tempo might be a little rushed, but he's done a good job with the song. Not the best, but I'll go with an 8. And tell me he doesn't look a little like Jessica Alba. Seriously.

Luke Menard - Everybody's Talkin' at Me
First of all, why are the idiots in the audience waving their arms in the air? That just looks stupid. If it were me singing, I'd probably get distracted and screw up. Or laugh. Probably laugh. Anyway, he's keeping it together pretty well. Good vocals, good control. Up until that falsetto at the end. Not horrible, but it was a little sketchy. 6.

Colton Berry - I think this is an Elvis song that I just don't know the title to... this is why I'll never be on the World Series of Pop Culture
We have a Virginian in the competition this year. Though I still would've rather seen Kyle get through ahead of him, but it's okay. His performance is good not great. 7.

Garrett Haley - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
I'm pretty sure we've never heard him sing before tonight. I don't remember him from the city auditions or from Hollywood week. This probably means he doesn't stand a chance. This is a very... very... slow... version of this song. I'm so used to the original version that you'd hear on the oldies station. This sounds like something you'd hear in the elevator or the waiting room of the dentist's office. Sorry kid, it's a 5, mostly 'cause you bore me.

Jason Castro - What a Day for a Daydream
When I see a white kid with dreadlocks, I just see someone who hasn't washed their hair in 18 months. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm just being judgmental. But that's what comes to mind for me. He's accompanying himself on guitar. The instrument thing didn't work well for most people during Hollywood week, but he's pulling it off nicely. His vocals got a little shaky toward the end, but overall not bad. 8.

Michael Johns - Light My Fire
I can see the posters in the audience now: "The Wonder from Down Under." Wait for it, that's what'll happen. I think it's just cheesy enough. Assuming he makes it to the top 12. Based on his prior performances, he might just. Not sure about this song choice for him though. He started out okay, but when it kicked up in the middle, I think he lost something. Just a 7 from me.

Based on my scoring, Robbie Carrico gets the vote. Overall, the guys were okay tonight. Again, not great. Everyone's talking about how amazing the talent is this season, but so far, it doesn't seem to be that much better than previous years. At this point, no one stands out like Carrie Underwood did a few years back, but that's not to say that no one will. The girls still have their chance to shine tomorrow night.

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