Monday, February 25, 2008

The Academy Awards

I'm late with today's post by about 15 minutes. But like I've said before, it's still the 24th for most of the country. I would've posted before midnight eastern time, but the Oscars ran long.

Tonight I did something with the Greene's that I had previously done with Chrissy, Andy, and his family a few years back. We printed ballots off the internet and picked our winners in each category. This turns the annual awards ceremony into a competition and makes it a little more fun to watch. At stake: ice cream of choice from the Marble Slab.

When I played this little game with the Berry's, I came out on top with 12 correct picks. This eventually led to ice cream of choice from Maggie Moo's. I say eventually because we never got around to it while I was in Richmond that weekend. We didn't actually get around to it until I visited Andy and Chrissy in Charlotte last summer.

I hope it doesn't take 18 months to get my Marble Slab ice cream. I'm pretty sure it won't... since I practically live with the Greene's.

Oh, didn't I mention? I won... again. This time I only got 8 right. But it was more than Kevin or Nicole. And believe me when I say it was pure luck. Since I have seen zero of the major motion pictures that actually won something tonight. I should really get out more.

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